Dear K2 Extreme Club Members and Leaders

Thank you for all the heartfelt messages, we have received in response to news of the Club's closure.

As mentioned before, we hope that we can see our way to re-opening the Club one day in the future.

I personally want to say a big thank you, to all the leaders and supporters, who have worked to grow and shape K2 Extreme over the many years.

We really hope that you all stay in touch - with each other AND with the K2 Base Camp Family.

Don't forget; we will keep the K2 Extreme Club Facebook page open for you to post messages, and photos, of your adventures too!

We look forward to hearing about all your news, and all importantly, continued adventures and new friendships.

Warm regards

Winton Flesser
K2 Base Camp Pty Ltd

Goncalo da Silva
General Manager
K2 Base Camp Pty Ltd